Thursday, December 18, 2008


For those who are lucky enough to read this post, i have change my blog to

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yeah,Ok,What!!!! Dave Chappelle Show at youtube.

Then i watch the Lil Jon episode. I know it's damn long. Hahaha. Missed it man.

Ok today is a short blog.

Good nite everyone.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For God Sake, I'm Bored

For the love of god, today was damn boring for me. I wish i get to meet my secondary school friends again.

Hoho. All the time we had in those good old days. Where all the havocing, studying, lepaking, playing and many more lar.

This are some of those fuckers and me. Sorry guys there's nothing to describe you guys in 1 word. Haha.
Abez rewang

At Science Centre
Nothing between us ok!
Fucky face of mine
Nation Pride
Models kena throw backstage
Group photo

Gone late nite eating

I looked thin..hahaha
At Ang Mo Kio during puasa

Half or my class, 5B

The born of Katalans F.C.

Sec 4E 2007 Class photo

Ok today when school just to pay the GYL camp money. Capt Anil gave me a shock. He said i'm not going for thecamp. Fuck him lar. Then why the hell is my name is in the list which was lying on his table like a dead peacock. Faggot.

Then go club just to slack, talk to the people there and play my NBA LIVE 08 at my psp. Hahaha.

That's all what i did today. Fucking boring!


Sorry for not updating my blog. Haha. Lazy and got nothing to write. Please do mind my language coz SOME people say my "Engrish cannot make it hor".

Monday was the beginning of my holliday. Don't have any job to do. Solution is just slack at home.

Plan with Ilyas play soccer at school. But as usual he woke up late. Got my soccer equipment with me. Then Mus message me that there is a soccer trial at Toa Payoh Stadium. It's for the Balestier Khalsa.

Even though i am not that good at soccer, what the hack, just give it a shot.

Ok i didn't make it for the trial but had a ball of a time. Play as a keeper and at the same time train my keeper skill with outside people.

And lastly i eat a foot sandwich from subway. I tell you, damn shiok to the core. So far that is the only sandwich that makes me full till next day.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Freedom for now

Alright! Today was the last day of my ICA. Fuck i'm happy. Happy but confirm got some module need to forward.

Die die need to forward, fainancial & logistics. Borderline are navigational safety, seamanship & i.t. business. Confirm plus chop no need is marine engineer knowledge. Those who forward MEK are purely dumb ass people.

Now my holiday has officially started. Yeah. Start of next sem is the third week of Raya. My holiday is atleast 9 weeks. Long.

Thats all. Got nothing to blog about. Hahahaha.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boredom with a touch of laughter

Yesterday marine engineering paper was easy. I'm still the first person to go out from the room. lucky my laptop didnt make any trouble. I hope i could pass this module as this is the only module i can hope for a pass.

Yesterday was indeed a boring day. my paper was at 3 pm. After paper when to club and slack there.

The laughter part came when fasly told that the hairy the girl is the horny they are. WTF. hahaha
Is that true or wat. haha.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Not the same old monday

Today had financial paper. I can say it was quite easier than last semester.

Anyway plan to study MEK at club but cannot. Firstly one of the SMAC member had a motor accident at sch ad was slighty injured. recover soon to tat person.

Secondly, I beaten ilyas in winning 11. Atlast!! Thank you and I won!! I know it's kinna lame.

And lastly, on my way home there was this aunty talk damn super loud. Dunno speaking hokkien or wat. Freaking loud. I pity the person at the other side of the phone. Jeshzz.

Tml i would be having MEK paper. So i will study and after 30 mins when the paper start i will leave the room straight away,hahaha. Confidence.